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Elizabeth MackieThis past December Elizabeth Mackie completed her fourth residency at WSW, working on her Landscape Series in the silkscreen studio. Elizabeth sent a letter to us about her experience at WSW:
“I just returned from a December residency at WSW, This was my 6th time at the workshop. I keep coming back because of the supportive environment and the warm atmosphere created by the staff and associated artist community.Three of the founding artists, Ann, Tana and Anita, still play a major roll in the workshops organization and daily operation. Both Ann and Tana have extensive experience in all technical areas within the workshop and are incredible problem solvers. They have come to my rescue on many occasions when I venture beyond my own experience level.
The Workshop’s staff works well together and is very interested and supportive of Artists projects. Chris, the Studio Manager, is very friendly and goes out of her way to make sure that the needs of Artists are addressed. She runs well-organized studios and provides support to artists. She has the perfect personality for her job and is a strong addition to the staff. The fall interns, Caitlin, Erin and Hilary were so enthusiastic that they extended their term to a full year. They are full of energy and are totally committed to there variety of assigned jobs.
The workshops potluck lunch provides an opportunity to spend time with the entire community of artists, staff and occasional visitors. There is always time to exchange ideas with other artists and see book projects in process during residencies.The studios provide space and the equipment I need to do projects on a much larger scale than is possible in my home studio. The time away from daily responsibilities provides the concentrated time to develop concepts and experiment with new ideas.”Elizabeth’s work was featured in the Parting Shot section of January’s Chronogram Magazine


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