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WSW 11th Annual Chili Bowl

Former Intern, Artist’s Book Grant recipient & designer extraodinaire Libby Clarke was just here at the workshop helping to print the fabulous posters she designed for this years Chili Bowl Fiesta.

She writes:

“…All of these heady resolutions were floating around in my head when I was visiting the Women’s Studio Workshop 2 weeks ago. This art press — beyond facilitating and producing more artist’s books by women than anywhere else in the world — is a second home to me. The people there, they have always been kind to me, taught me so much about letterpress and silksceeen… They asked me to design an event poster: it needed to be easy enough for novice printers to print, 1 to 3 colors, legible from fairly far off, and fun

I decided to make it 2 colors since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to help print it; besides, the fewer colors you give yourself the more each one has to work. I would probably mix a slightly darker purple than the one shown here, but this was what I saw in my head almost immediately.
If you are in Ulster County on February 23rd, you really ought to stop by and take part. There are stunning bowls for sale, delicious chili for the eating, and a raucous crowd of nice people with whom one could veritably shake one’s groove thing.”

You can read a little about the poster & see some pictures of the printing process at her blog DailyMonstress.com- go here and do a search for Women’s Studio Workshop.

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