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Auction Artist Spotlight: Judith Hoyt

Judith Hoyt Working at WSW

Judy Hoyt (above, in the WSW intaglio studio circa 1984) has been a part of Women’s Studio Workshop almost from the very beginning. Over the past 25 years Judy has worked in the studios as a resident, a teacher in our Art-In-Ed program, and has fearlessly volunteered for just about anything we have asked her to do.

Judith HoytJudy is a fabulous collagist scavenging the woods, roads, her friends’ attic as well as the occasional yard sale for old materials which she than transfer into unique, sensuous and tactile works of art. The past of others becomes intertwined with the present creating a seamless window into our times.

Judy is currently showing at the works gallery in Philadelphia, along with fellow auction artist Sean Sullivan


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