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Summer Arts Institute is Online!

Woo-Hoo! Just in time for the holidays the 2009 Summer Arts Institute catalogue is online! There is a whole new round up of classes being offered, and despite the fact that I have spent the last two weeks looking over all the information and reading all the teachers bios, I still havent made up my mind which class I want to take (yes- working at WSW does have its perks!)Shannon Brock Paper Pulp Painting Shannon Brock is returning this summer to teach her amazing pulp painting class. I don’t feel that the words “pulp painting” really do her class justice- Her work has an incredible quality to it that is created by layering tissue thin layer of overbeaten pulp down one by one. The layers are made using stencils laid onto screens that are then used to pull delicate pigmented sheets of pulp from the vat. She uses dentil syringes and paint brushes to take away or add to the sheets. The depth and delicacy of the work made in last years class was wildly appealing to me, and, despite the fact that I have no aspirations towards papermaking, I found myself wishing I was part of the mix. This class would add a whole new dimension for anyone interested in papermaking or printmaking- the lasting intensity of the color and the detail that Shannon achieves is spectacular. She is pretty cool herself, too. So that Paper Painting is definitely in my top five…. Italy sounds pretty good too….. so does Shibori… Good thing I have a few months to make up my mind!

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