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Chili Bowl Wrap up

Since I am the only one who knows how to write posts to this blog AND I am the one who takes most of the pictures you have to put up with MY bowl crushes in this post:

CB Crush #1: You cant have this bowl (decorated by current Studio Intern Carolyn Baginski) because IT IS MINE! Carolyn Baginski

CB Crush #2: This is the bowl (by our 2009 Chili Bowl Intern Jennifer Teter) that I loved, but lost:

Jennifer Teter Pottery

CB Crush #3: This bowl was decorated by one of our extremely talented community bowl makers (OK- I admit it, he is my Son).

Jack Chennault

So now you have a little idea of what you missed, or maybe you didn’t miss it…. Were you there too? Did you have the Chili from New World Home Cooking? So did I! Did you like Ratboy Junior? Is Dog on Fleas brilliant rendition of the “Women’s Studio Workshop” song stuck in your head? Stay tuned for a boatload of pictures!

I am already looking forward to next year!

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