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Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

Throughout the month of March, the WSW gallery will feature new sculptural installations and works on paper by Laura Beyer, Kristen Jasionowski, and Carolyn Baginski. These emerging artists are nearing the completion of their year-long internship program with WSW.

Laura Beyer is from Birmingham, Michigan, and has earned her BFA from Albion College. Focusing primarily on drawing, prints, and artists’ books, Beyer assembles narratives from everyday experiences. Expanding into the realm of installation, her current work deals with issues of accumulation, loss, and life cycles.

Kristen Jasionowski is a multimedia artist and agriculturalist who earned her BFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Jasionowski’s art focuses on ideas of location, mapping, and environment. Her most recent installations and works on paper deal with migrations and the human relationship with the natural world.

Carolyn Baginski, from Akron, Ohio, earned her BFA in ceramics and art history, with a minor in business administration, from Ohio University. Baginski’s sculpture and installations are about the aesthetic of the home, specifically that of imagery from nature being used in decorating to achieve a more idyllic atmosphere.

This exhibition can be viewed M-F 9am-5pm or by appointment, March 6 – 27, 2009.

Images of the show are posted on our Flickr site 

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