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WSW Potluck Cookbook- FINALLY!

WSW Potluck Cookbook

Those who have been lucky enough to eat potluck lunch at WSW know that the importance of this daily meal extends far beyond midday sustenance. Potluck has always been about coming together as artists—young and old, residents, interns, and staff—eating great food and sharing in our day and our experiences. This communal meal symbolizes how community makes WSW a uniquely inspiring place to live and make art.

To celebrate WSW’s 35th anniversary and the rich history of potluck lunch, WSW has just published Art, Life, Food: Potluck Recipes from Women’s Studio Workshop a collaborative project that is part cookbook, part artists’ book, and part archive. Former WSW interns, as well as the four founders, were invited to submit recipes for food, studio projects, and life. Sixty-eight recipes from 39 artists are silk screened and digitally printed in this amazing collection. Both beautiful and functional, it is spiral bound for ease of use.

Like the vibrant community that inspired this collection, Art, Life, Food is a unique compilation of art, food, memories and motivation. What other resource combines recipes for delicious food items such as Tana’s amazing borscht, with such practical studio directions as “Color Separation for Silkscreen in Photoshop”?

Art, Life, Food was released at the opening for Out of the Incubator: Collaborations From Women’s Studio Workshop, an exhibition featuring site-specific installations created by teams of artists who met at WSW during residencies and internships. The exhibition runs from February 11 through April 19, 2009 at the Islip Art Museum in Islip New York.

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