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The WSW Intern Experience: Spring 2009

Application deadlines for WSW internships are past, and as we review the possibilities for our next batch of interns it seems like a good time to hear what our current (awesome) batch of interns have to say about their time here at the workshop, and what they are looking forward to doing when they leave. Kristen, Laura and Carolyn do just that below:

Kristen Jasionowski Administrative Intern
Coming from a studio practice in Philadelphia to an administrative role at WSW has allowed me to round out my experience in the art world. Here I have been developing an in-depth understanding of the workings of a collaborative workspace – communicating with people aligned with our mission, obtaining support for our programs, and witnessing the fruits of our labor when an artist is able to come here and realize her vision.

Kristen Jasionowski

Since arriving at the Workshop I have become excited by the ArtFarm project and papermaking, investigating sustainable paper production and natural dye techniques. I am exploring materials and scale in handmade paper, from mail art to artist books to site-specific installation, continuing with my ideas of location, mapping, and environment. Prompted by the recent land upheavals in the Binnewater region, I’m also creating a video piece that juxtaposes land stewardship with property development.

Following my internship at WSW, I plan on working toward creating an urban workspace focused on art, agriculture, and interdisciplinary education. Exposing at-risk youth to the empowerment of growing food, practicing everyday sustainability, and artmaking are top priorities, as well as residency programming for emerging artists.

Laura Beyer Studio Intern
At WSW I have had the opportunity to learn the process of papermaking in its entirety, from harvesting and beating the fiber to pulling sheets. I have also had the chance to print ephemera for the studio on the Chandler and Price letterpress. Since potluck is a part of daily life at the workshop I have been refining my cooking skills and experimenting with baking.

Laura Beyer

My current work focuses on the act of collection, the collections people keep, and how they function as a portrait of the collector. I have been working on a series of short stories that examine the personal nature of collection, as well as a self-portrait installation piece composed of materials I have accumulated.
My plan for the future is to go back to school to earn a MFA in Book Arts or Printmaking, and work to become a letterpress publisher of my own fine art press.

Carolyn Baginski Studio Intern
While at WSW I have had the opportunity to work with several amazing artists. Some have shown me their wisdom, and others their technical expertise. Jen Blazina, a recent resident, was generous enough to show me her process of casting glass. I am incredibly excited to explore this medium in my own work!

Carolyn Baginski

My work is about the aesthetic of home, the objects we hold within our home and the ways in which we decorate it. Specifically, I am interested in imagery from nature being used in decorating in order to create a more idyllic atmosphere, and what that means as our outside world becomes increasingly developed. At the Workshop, food is a common topic of conversation. This topic is managing to sneak into the subject matter of my work, as I have become interested in the idea of food and the meals we eat serving as decoration.

After WSW, I plan to spend a year pursuing residencies. After that I hope to go to graduate school to study ceramics. My ultimate goal is to run my own ceramics studio and provide a place for emerging artists and community members to create, learn, and work together. This will also give me a place to make my own artwork!

Pictures from the 2008-2009 Intern exhibition Nature vs Nurture in our Flickr photostream


  1. wrote on May 6th, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Jen Blazina

    Carolyn, I am excited to see you again and work with you next week!

  2. wrote on May 6th, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Ted Eck

    I am glad to see the interns and their ideas and work. When our daughter, Thea Eck was there we enjoyed coming up and seeing the art that was being developed by all three interns. They have remained friends. I see Thea’s picture in your email. Check her web site http://www.theaeck.com and see pictures of her show in Copenhagen at the Artic Museum, where she is doing research.

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