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Potluck Recipe of the Week: Popcorn

PopcornPopcorn Simple yet important.Chris Petrone

  • popcorn (obviously!) naked kernels, none of that microwave-able, astronaut stuff.high heat oil, safflower works well. Alas, I have used olive oil and sunflower oil and that’s fine too.

Choose a topping or two:

  • adobo (go Goya!) and cumin
  • nutritional yeast (you can buy this at your local co-op or most health food stores carry it)
  • soy sauce or Braggs Liquid Aminos (another condiment that frequents your local co-op and health food stores. It tastes like soy sauce – has liquid aminos, vitamins and less salt).Tastes good with nutitional yeast
  • Traditional salt, pepper and butter works too…whatever you fancy.

Pour oil into a large pot; you want enough to coat the bottom of the pot. Drop one kernel of corn in the pot and lid it up. Let the oil heat up until you hear the kernel…POP.Once that pop happens, it is time. Pour the desired amount of kernels in. One-cup makes enough for an immense bowl.Make sure to give the pot occasional shakes while popping. Once you hear the popping slow down, take the pot off the heat and let it sit a little longer.That’s it! It’s popped – it is ready to be dressed up. Drop your popcorn in a bowl or brown bag, dress it and shake it. Finis. Enjoy.

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