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Darmstadt Update: 10.29.09

Last night Barbara took us to meet Ute Ritschel, a fascinating woman, just back from China, who essentially develops “forest and garden” site specific installation projects with artists from around the world. These are serious, thoughtful, extremely well organized exhibitions. Each exhibition has a thematic focus, such as Native-Invasive, where artists, forest managers and scientists are engaged through the project. Operating as a not-for-profit she scrambles to put together funding from a variety of sources, which while undoubtedly is difficult, I suspect make the projects richer and more accessible to visitors. We also met Anna, her daughter, who has just finished a degree in sustainable economics. She will be moving to Switzerland to become the president of a student organization engaged in sustainable projects through chapters all over the world. Ute is also a foody. She lectures about cinnamon, there are hundreds of different kinds…and salt, black salt lemon salt etc.

Yesterday was a bummer at the Museum. first we cut a pile of prints on the wrong side, not serious, but it certainly set the tone for the day. Next we picked out some large wood type to print on the back of about 700 cards we’ve made. This project uses the same words (my current favorite is ultracrepidarian) from the book, only this time we used multiple faces in each word. We intended to print No, No, not…fill in the guessed meaning…and then put in the correct definition. But we ran into technical problems and it was looking crumby, one of the problems of wood type, so we re coming home to print it is silkscreen. But we were already part way into the printing, which meant that we had to reprint some of the first sides. No printing yet on the main book project, but today is supposed the be run number 1. No way this is going to get finished when we are here, so it will have to be packed and sent. I am a little concerned about dented corners since, as a rule, the museum doesn’t ship out anything (they collect not disperse), but there is nothing we can do except hope that it is well packed. Tana is afraid that there will be a typo. I doubt it, these guys are professional we have already set the hard part the zeros and ones. There is not enough uppercase e’s in the font for the text so we can only do half before we leave.

There is a lot of industry here. Feels a little like the US in it’s manufacturing prime. We had lunch in the cafeteria in the factory directly behind the museum where they make bridge parts. There are a lot of US hospitals that could take a cleaning lesson from this place. It was sparkling, including clean windows, and the lunch was good. Merck, drugs and chemicals is headquartered here as well as Wella and Schenk.

One of the books we got from Gerhard Wolf is all about sex, i think, going by the pictures. One poem is it called in english, “in cunt we trust” and the final line in each stanza is “in cunt we trust, cook my sock” I think it’s a fabulously funny mis-translation. Tana sez I don’t know enough German…but it’s in english. What do you think?

Here’s some pictures of the trade dinner. Don’t you like us marching in from above?



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    patty tyrol

    FUN to read about your adventures and work- i can’t wait to see the project-

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