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Full-Color Friday

It is a very quiet day here at the workshop- One of our current artists, Marja Vleugel, is getting ready to return to Holland after a six week residency here, My Mac Island office mate, Tana, is off to Germany for a month long residency and EVERYONE else is in New York at the NYSAWC conference at MOMA and the Printed Matter bookfair at P.S.1, so it is just Dixie the dog & I in the office for today.

So to help me celebrate the successful upgrade of our WordPress blogging software (*phew*) I am posting this picture from Abigail Uhteg- Why? you ask- because it makes me happy:
Abigail Uhteg
Abigail completed a residency here this spring editioning her book The Complex of All of These and taking photographs around the workshop that leave me wondering if I have been walking around with my eyes closed for the last three years. You can see more of Abigail’s work at her website www.pressejanvier.com

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