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Overseas Transmission 10.14.09

Hi All,
Last night was the opening in the Keller Club, the artists club. It was founded in 1952, and apparently it was, and actually continues to be, the late night club for the theater people, artists, writers etc., We arrived at 8 and left at 11:00 and the place was just beginning to really fill up…maybe 50 seats total, and while they have banned smoking it will take many coats of black paint to get rid of the smell. The people are still quite proper. The group gathered in the gallery area and the director person made a longish speech describing the project, how we got connected etc. And we also were asked to talk about the work on display.
We have started some random printing experiments in the area where school kids come to have special classes, and I have had a revelation about our Hands-On Art program, vs. this museum model. Basically it really underscores the value of working in the same space as artists work, very much along the lines of Ellen’s observations. There is a huge difference between working in a multipurpose space and an adult artists studio. While the space is nice, it really is not set up for printing, so there is a sort of barrier between working seriously and puttering around.
Today, Sunday we are going to work again with some of the wood type. On Friday Wolfgang, the studio manager/director, took us into a store room area to pick out some type to work with. There were maybe 50 boxes of type organized by font. We picked out four and then went to another area where there were piles and piles of paper and grabbed a wad of who knows what for the weekend’s printing. We tried a couple of proof presses and ended up using a really sweet decent sized press, very easy to work and just played moving the letter forms around. We have already more or less finished the mock up of the Binary Code book. We will know tomorrow how long it will take to print. If it looks like it will happen quickly, we’ll go on with another project.
On the first day we made a post card for to give to people at the opening here at the museum. It is in english and german, but our translator goofed. Tana put the “On the Line” book on display with the page that said Guttenberg did not print the bible, which caused quite a stir.
Tana is a bit frantic, we cannot find her favorite chocolate. Who would have guessed that the Lindt chili would not be available here.

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