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Overseas transmission: 10.27.09

Today we set all of the type for the book. Wolfgang did the sentences and we did the zeros and ones. They are going to print half of one side one color each day which should mean it will be all printed by Friday. They have a great gizmo that makes a score. I looks a lot like the plate cutter, but rather than cut it just scores. I am hoping we will be able to get that done here as well, since it will be faster and probably more accurate than doing it by hand. The binding is still up in the air. Tana wants to see if we can get circuit board material.


Wolfenbuttel Bibliothek

On the way home from Berlin we stopped at a fabulous library in Wolfenbuttel. There were thousands of leather and parchment bound books. It’s always a surprise to see these books because they are all the same size; that is the way paper was made. They also have a good sized collection of artists books. Most were again Livre D’artists. they were housed in individually marbled paper covered archive boxes. And there were two boxes of books by Barbara. Also there was a show of the work of Hermann ZAPH, the dingbat and multiple typeface designer. Both he and his wife, also a type designer, are living in Darmstadt, still working in their 90’s.

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