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ArtFarm Extravaganza

WSW ArtFarm

Spring is here, the seedlings are sprouting, and it’s about time to get down to business–the business of farming that is. Our very own (former) intern, Teréz Iacovino, has become the new ArtFarm Coordinator here at the Women’s Studio. What is the ArtFarm you ask? Why it’s the Women’s Studio Workshop’s answer to self sustainable papermaking, and boy has it undergone a lot of changes recently. With renewed funding by the Student Conservation Association (SCA), part of Hudson Valley AmeriCorps, The Women’s Studio Workshop has been able to get the farm up and running again after two years of dormancy.

So far during her reign as the coordinator Teréz has moved the farm to a new 8,500-square-foot plot, dismantled and cleaned up the old site, scheduled some generous volunteers to come and remove those pesky rocks that are hindering our ability get planting, and scored us a bona fide SCA/AmeriCorps Service project for June this year.

An SCA/AmeriCorps service project will bring thirty volunteers out to the studio for four days to pound out a slew of tasks that need to get done before we can officially begin. Situated in the beautiful, nature- rich town of Rosendale, precautions must be taken to keep our plants going. Our volunteers will be making quick work of post-hole digging and fence installation, as well as installing not only a pedestrian gate, but a vehicle gate to provide easy and safe access to the farm. The great thing about SCA is that the volunteers are not just here work, they are also here to learn. Part of the service day will be dedicated to learning skills ranging from seed and plant identification to processing the plants grown on the farm into legitimate handmade papers.

It feels great to have this unique program up and running again. We are always looking for fun, interesting ways to bring art into the community and this is a program that really speaks to people.

Find out more about our community programs at the Women’s Studio Workshop website.


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