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Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

Megan & Terez fluffing the compost on the ArtFarm

Summer intern Megan McNealy & ArtFarm Coordinator Terez Iacovino fluffing the compost on the ArtFarm.

SCA and WSW team up to build ArtFarm Fence

What do you get when you combine 41 post holes, 123 pieces of rebar, 450 feet of deer fencing, 30 eager volunteers, three Women’s Studio Workshop staff, and our very own maintenance mogul Woody? A new fence for ArtFarm, that’s what!

From June 23-25, 722 Binnewater Lane will be bustling with over 30 volunteers from the Student Conservation Association’s (SCA) Hudson Valley AmeriCorps program. These SCA volunteers will be hailing from surrounding areas of Albany down through New York City. Over the course of three days members will work together to fence in the new 8,500 square-foot-plot of land located within walking distance just northeast of WSW’s main studio building. The fence will provide crops with protection against critters, but more importantly it will block off a steep drop off on the east side of ArtFarm, allowing staff and students the opportunity to safely explore and learn at the new site.

As of January 2010 the Student Conservation Association (SCA) was able to provide WSW with funding to hire an ArtFarm Coordinator whose proposal to install a fence at the new ArtFarm site was chosen as the Hudson Valley AmeriCorps Service project for June 2010. For over a decade WSW has been ahead of the curve in conducting research on the best sustainable fibers grown within the Hudson Valley for hand papermaking. Paper made at WSW manifests itself in artist books, sculptural forms, substrate for printmaking techniques, and is also used as a creative teaching medium during the Art-in-Education programs held at WSW throughout the year.

SCA is a nationwide conservation force of college and high school volunteers who protect and restore America’s parks, forests, and other public lands. Since 1957, SCA’s active, hands-on practice of conservation has helped to develop a new generation of conservation leaders, inspire lifelong stewardship, and save the planet. To learn more, visit www.theSCA.org

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