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Foreign Correspondent in the Field, Literally

A word of introduction to WSW’s new irregular series of bookbinding tutorials:

If I’m going to pelt you with posts, I ought to tell you who’s doing the pelting. I’m Abigail. I made a book at WSW in 2009 and this video shortly thereafter. Baptism by fire, or something like that; now they can’t get rid of me. I taught bookbinding & letterpress printing at WSW’s Summer Arts Institute in 2010 and will be back again in 2011. In the meantime I live in the middle of nowhere in England, studying book conservation at West Dean College in a flint manor house surrounded by fields of sheep and daffodils.


My plan is to share some of what I’m learning in hopes that it might help both the novice & more experienced book artists among you, and maybe inspire the rest to start making some yourselves. You might, for example, consider applying for a WSW residency. I’m happy to address any specific topics you think would be helpful and answer questions along the way—just post below.

The first installments will be about folding paper. No, really, it’s more complicated than you thought. Stay tuned.

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