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Summer Art Institute Instructor Spotlight: Susan Oehme

Susan Hover Oehme: Carborundum Aquatint
Printmaking Workshop
, July 25 – 29, 2011

Porphory by Pat Lipsky

Porphory by Pat Lipsky, (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

Susan Oehme, Master Printmaker & awesome teacher will be returning to WSW to teach this fabulous non-toxic printmaking process with us this July.

Unfamiliar with this technique? Sue writes: This IS a great “bridge” for painters (especially painterly painters!) to printmaking. Also, in the last class I taught at WSW, we spent some time using the carborundum plates as monoprinting surfaces which was very successful. I will show examples from my personal collection at the start of the workshop, and we will plan to complete a multi-plate print by the end of the week.”

She continues “There are many benefits to the use of this technique: namely, the ease and quickness to produce full color images (as opposed to much longer etching times for metal plates), as well as the greatly reduced cost of producing such an image.”

“There are usually no issues with registration as well, since the artist can simply place a subsequent plate over the original painted plate to introduce an additional color to the print. In theory, an artist could create four or five large plates in a day, rather than spending many days in the acid room.”

Sue sent along some images she printed while working as Master Printer at Riverhouse Editions, this selection of prints show the wide range of possibilities available using this technique. She recently updated her own website Oehme Graphics and dont miss her Blog at http://oehmegraphicsblog.weebly.com/ which has fantastic pictures of works in progress and her amazing workplace! If that doesn’t whet your appetite for giving Carborundum Aquatint a go, nothing will!

Sign up now! WSW Summer Art Institute Workshop: Carborundum Aquatint with Susan Oehme July 25 – 29, 2011

Above the River, by Nancy-Friese

Above the River, by Nancy-Friese, (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

Donkey Formation 1, by Michelle Dennis

Donkey Formation 1, by Michelle Dennis, (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

Blue, by Louise Fishman

Blue, by Louise Fishman, (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

Walpole, by Kayla Mohammadi (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

Walpole, by Kayla Mohammadi, (Published by Riverhouse Editions)

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