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Instructor Spotlight: Georgia Deal

A former SAI student wrote to us recently, she was excited to see Georgia Deal’s Paper Image Multiples class on the 2011 calendar and shared her past experience with this instructor…

Georgia Deal, Leap (2004)

Georgia Deal, Leap (2004)

You are going to love the workshop with Georgia Deal. She is fabulous… I was amazed at Georgia’s patience and kindness and she always had time to jump in and help you do something. The results were fabulous and I was amazed at all the ways to do things. Georgia was always pulling tricks out of her bag.

Georgia Deal, Fable: Offspring - 2 (2001)

Georgia Deal, Fable: Offspring - 2 (2001)

Another thing that really impressed me about Georgia was that she is always working on her own artwork… It’s wonderful to see your own teacher being an artist, when you realize that it is just as important to her to be creating her own work.

Because of all the techniques I learned, one of my pieces was chosen to be in a juried printmaking show at the Corcoran Printmaking Department Art show. I couldn’t have done it without her. – Patti Harden

Don’t just take Patti’s word for it, experience a class with Georgia Deal first hand!

July 11 – July 15, 2011
Paper, Image, Multiples

This course will cover techniques for developing imagery in handmade paper. An array of possibilities will be explored using finely beaten and pigmented fibers to draw, make transfers, and glaze-like washes, for use in unique works on handmade paper, or to create multiples for additional print processes. Students will learn to beat drawing-quality fibers, pigment and utilize paper chemistry to manipulate pulps for desired effects. It is suggested students bring examples of images, photocopies, prints or other work in handmade paper as source materials.

To register for this class or get more info, visit our online catalog, or call us Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm at (845) 658-9133.

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