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WSWishing you were here!

Dinner at the Intern House by Katie Ford

Dinner at the Intern House

If you find yourself missing Binnewater Lane, or if you’re still planning your first visit, maybe you should whet your appetite with some photos from our flickr gallery!

We’re rolling out a new thematic series called “WSW According to… (your name here!)”

Sets in this series will contain photos taken by some of our many resident interns and artists, the people who have the best eye for what makes the WSW experience so full of inspiration (and fun). Check out WSW According to Katie Ford!

We have other new sets up for your viewing pleasure as well, check out the amazing crew at Art Farm Volunteer Day in May, and our In the Studio sets with visiting artists Antonia Aitken, Toby Millman, and Monika Meler

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