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Visitors from across the pond

Lizzie Ridout in WSW's intaglio studio. Photo by Theresa Eaton

Word of mouth can take you a long long way!

Yesterday afternoon book & glass artist Theresa Easton made the trek to WSW all the way from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK via NYC. She had heard about the workshop after meeting WSW artist-in-residence alumnae Emily Speed at an artists book fair, and reading about us in the Centre for Fine Print Research and Sarah Bodman’s Book Arts Newsletter.

It was a busy day at the workshop, on the ground floor Lizzie Ridout was working away in intaglio while studio intern Steph Bell printed gala invites on the Vandercook and Emily Putoff & Elena Sniezek worked in paper. Upstairs Amelia Bird prepped for her book project in silkscreen and downstairs Marsha Klein was working in the ceramics studio. Theresa soaked up as much as she could in the few hours she was here, sharing her work and experiences while she was at it. She is active in the Book Arts scene in the UK, including organizing a series of book related events that took place in Newcastle & Gateshead during the summer of 2010 which are documented in her hand bound The Art of the Book. Theresa’s brief visit is documented in a succinct blog entry accompanied by lovely photos.

Come visit again Theresa, and next time stay a little longer!


    • wrote on October 25th, 2011 at 9:40 am


      WOW! What great pictures! That you for sharing them with us. I always love seeing the Workshop through other peoples eyes. Your set captures the essence of the studio beautifully! I hope you don’t mind if we share them! Thanks!

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