Snow Poems

We are experiencing an almost record deficit of snow this year on the Binne. I never thought I would say it, but I miss it. Perhaps my putting that in writing will turn our luck around, or maybe this is just balance to the unbelievably soggy summer we had and will continue until the rains begin again in the spring.

WSW Book artist Alumnae Edie Tsong (Cut+Paste Society) sent us a little bit of winter from New Mexico to cheer up us snow deprived Rosendalians (or is it Rosendalites?). She has been working with High School students on “Snow Poems”, a collaborative installation of original poetry at New Mexico school for the Arts in Santa Fe by Edie and Dr. Monika Cassel’s poetry class. The talented arts high school students as well as faculty wrote and stenciled poems in spray snow around the entirety of the school building. The poems are visible and easily readable from the sidewalks, streets, and parking lots surrounding the building. This is a temporary project that began in mid-December. Poems will be up through the end of January 2012. “Radical Bookmaking” at its finest!

You can find Edie’s book Scattered Memories on view in our online archive and is currently on view at Vassar College as part of the touring exhibition Hand, Voice & Vision.

Current artworkin her portfolio.
and her Etsy Store Cloud Exchange


  1. wrote on January 22nd, 2012 at 6:08 am


    i’m very taken with these snow poems…brilliant notion

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