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Auction Artist Spotlight: Tona Wilson

Tona Wilson binding "Stories Behind Bars" at WSW

Tona Wilson is based in New Paltz and is one of the first regionally based artists to be awarded an artist’s book residency grant. Her book, Stories Behind Bars, are memory transcriptions form her day job as a Spanish language translator for the county court system. This important work gives us just a little insight into the immigration, deportation and incarceration issues that fly below most of our radars. Tona’s work is often based on social issues. This is no exception.

WSW 2012 Online Art Auction
 Tona Wilson "Walking Away from the Ironing Festival
Item #117 Tona Wilson: Walking Away from the Ironing Festival.

The bidding has begun! Don’t forget to check in with us over the weekend to see how your favorite pieces of art are doing. We have 30 gems donated by WSW artist alumnae that would look fabulous hanging on your walls!

Remember, every bid you place will will drive us closer toward our fundraising goals. By bidding, you’re directly supporting WSW’s artist residencies and youth art-in-education programming.

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