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Auction Artist Spotlight: Caitlin Wheeler

Caitlin Wheeler

Caitlin Wheeler

Caitlin Wheeler came to Women’s Studio Workshop as a studio intern in 2007. She came for a six month internship and stayed for twelve. Caitlin had experience in printmaking, but not much in papermaking. (This is always something we encounter when we are looking for a team of interns. How do we match up the skill set with the tasks WSW needs?) After a quick introduction Caitlin latched on to the papermaking and made sheets with inclusions that functioned a lot like chine colle, solid shapes defining a part of the image, and then she silkscreened the detailed image on top.


WSW 2012 Online Art Auction

Item#101  Caitlin Wheeler: Untitled

Item#101 Caitlin Wheeler: Untitled

The bidding has begun! Don’t forget to check in with us over the weekend to see how your favorite pieces of art are doing. We have 30 gems donated by WSW artist alumnae that would look fabulous hanging on your walls!

Remember, every bid you place will will drive us closer toward our fundraising goals. By bidding, you’re directly supporting Women’s Studio Workshop’s artist residencies and youth art-in-education programming.

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