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Auction Artist Spotlight: Edie Tsong

Edie Tsong Came to Women’s Studio Workshop as an artist in residence in 2005. She was selected to make an artist’s book based on her sculptural installation work that was based on using silhouettes as negative space by created by cutting out the people in commercial advertising. She made huge wall/mural scaled pieces. Edie came with no past experience as a printmaker or book artist and she was pregnant with her first child. It was a bit of a concern whether we would in fact be able to get a book completed. Not only did she do all of the screen printing she also set the text. Interns helped with the solvent related aspects of the project, cleaning the press and type after each page was printed. The book Scattered Memory is a beautiful piece using her family photos in silhouette with accompanying text talking about her memories of the occasion pictured. It covers her families time un the US from her their immigration from 1946 to just before her arrival at WSW in 2005.

Edie Tsong

Edie Tsong

You can see Edie’s work on her website on artaxis.org

WSW 2012 Online Art Auction

Item#100  Edie Tsong: Chat

Item#100 Edie Tsong: Chat

The bidding has begun! Don’t forget to check in with us over the weekend to see how your favorite pieces of art are doing. We have 30 gems donated by WSW artist alumnae that would look fabulous hanging on your walls!

Remember, every bid you place will will drive us closer toward our fundraising goals. By bidding, you’re directly supporting Women’s Studio Workshop’s artist residencies and youth art-in-education programming.

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