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Auction Artist Spotlight: Kristen Degree

Kristen Degree came to Women’s Studio Workshop from South Dakota, via the University of Washington and was an intern for a full year. During that time she picked up this neat trick of transferring photographic images to wet clay that could then be molded into any shape. Each team of interns has an exhibit in the WSW Gallery and Kristen’s included a suitcase filled with these rumpled ceramic dollar bills. She is in Iowa City now pursing an MFA.

WSW 2012 Online Art Auction

Item#129  Kristen DeGree: Untitled

Item#129 Kristen DeGree: Untitled

The bidding has begun! Don’t forget to check in with us over the weekend to see how your favorite pieces of art are doing. We have 30 gems donated by WSW artist alumnae that would look fabulous hanging on your walls!

Remember, every bid you place will will drive us closer toward our fundraising goals. By bidding, you’re directly supporting WSW’s artist residencies and youth art-in-education programming.

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