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In The Studio: Phyllis Kudder Sullivan

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan

In the studio: Phyllis Kudder Sullivan

I came to Women’s Studio Workshop during my spring semester sabbatical to work on ideas that were still in the germination stage.

Time, outside of my daily routine, allowed me to experiment with new materials, techniques and concepts.  There is something about having a block of time for just “playing,” that can open entirely new avenues of exploration and kick start a process of creative risk taking.

Space to work, away from my isolated studio, and within a community of artists has been uplifting, motivating and energizing.  It is part of what Jon Gertner, in his New York Times article True Innovation, refers to as a “culture of creativity.”  My experience at WSW will stay with me and manifest itself in unexpected ways long after my residency has ended.

Thank you, WSW, for the gift of time and space.

Visit Phyllis’s website to see more of her sculptural ceramics

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