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In The Studio Spring 2013: Darina Peeva


Darina Peeva has toured much of the world, working, traveling and exhibiting her artwork. A native to Bulgaria, just off the coast of the Black Sea, she has diligently worked to make her first time in the States as productive and positive as possible. WSW is proud to have shared our studios with such a dedicated and creative woman.

Prevailing with confidence and ability, Darina worked in our etching studio, producing compelling black and white prints (some with a garnish of silver or gold) that originated as digital images. Her works are somewhat of a collage, combining photos from her personal archive and collected images from the web, culminating at the printmaking process. As she does work with Photoshop and digital processing, Darina’s final product, printing using aluminum offset plates, seeks to preach the beauty of imperfection and the natural chance of human error. In the printing process, unlike digital imagery, a slight of hand can cause an undoable error. This, in Peeva’s mind, is what makes her work human.


The series that Darina has been working on during her residency at the Women’s Studio Workshop follows a theme of “The Observer”. Focusing on life within the household, the observer’s main role is to see a situations reality. She has ability to see the reality, often spoken in small overlooked detail, of family life without the haze of emotion that can clog the view within. Peeva uses photo’s of trinkets that are classic in a modern family home to articulate this family dissonance.

A recurring symbol in this series is a cut out circle. These circles are emblems of the topic of The Observer. Their representation alludes to the peephole in our front doors. The one that we can see out of but cannot see into; similar to that of our own glassy eyed gaze at our surroundings, jaded by memory and circumstance.

But the most personal, yet not so visually obvious, message settled in Peeva’s work from this time is: “I was here”. She is left with a visual journey of her first, and hopefully not last, residency in the U.S of A.

You can see more of Darina’s work on her website  www.peeva.at



  1. wrote on March 17th, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Joseph John Visser

    It will be difficult to find, over the last 15 years, a more exquisite mind than that of Darina Peeva: she is an artist without psychological boundaries, with an unlimited passion to go into any depth – a depth she would not know if it were not for her art. If anything, she is a true artist.
    I humbly admire her.

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