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In the Studio March 2013: Jess Atkinson

jess atkinson


Art-In-Ed Book Artist-in-Residence Jess Atkinson is working in the silkscreen studio sculpting illustrated text in plasticine to be photographed and translated into screenprint content for her book. The imagery she is creating springs from  overheard snippets of conversation accumulated over months of subway riding & walking in the city. Her book seeks to “exemplify how within the urban landscape, it is possible to feel freedom and privacy – even in a sea of busy people….Much of the content in this book is taken out of context – just the way I heard it – and could be interpreted in multiple ways.”

During her time here Jess has also been working with Local Kingston 8th & 5th Grade students in the silkscreen studio as part of our Hands-On-Art art-in-education program.


  1. wrote on April 13th, 2013 at 7:43 am

    M E Nelson

    more pictures, please. Sounds like an interesting project. What will the book be like?

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