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Art-in-Education Spring 2013

hand-on-art art-in-education program at WSW

It’s springtime! Which means we have students here from Kingston’s Miller Middle School working in the studios as part of our Art-in-Education program. Women’s Studio Workshop’s Hands-On-Art program has been ranked the best visual arts education program across all of New York State. Our interns and artists-in-residence work with and teach these gregarious young bloods how to work in a professional studio setting.

Accompanied by their art teachers, they are encouraged open their minds to the concepts and implications of art as well as artistry. This program gives kids a chance to realize their passion for art as they build their creative portfolios.

The students are divided into three groups that rotate through the studios, making all of the stops: etching, papermaking and silkscreen. The students and the interns find things to talk about like “What’s for lunch?” “Where’d you get it?” “Do you have a summer job?” until the real questions are covered: “Did you like papermaking?” “Did you like etching?” “Did you like silkscreen?” just by eavesdropping I know the answer is always “Yeah, that was fun!”

What more could you ask for? Actually, I’ll tell you. When the artist asks, “What was your favorite session?” and the student says, “I liked it all”.

Mission accomplished.


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