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Summer Art Institute 2013: Heidi Neilson is Out of This World

WSW Artists’ Book alumnae Heidi Neilson returns to WSW this summer to teach 3d Screenprinting as part of our Summer Art Institute. Heidi’s work integrates some serious scientific intellect while probing the essence of human nature. She is currently on a research fellowship entitled “The Case for Space” at the Provisions Library in Washington D.C.

According to The Provisions Library, “The Case for Space” fellowship invites artists to reflect on the impact of space exploration technologies on our cognitive and spiritual selves. Heidi’s fantastic fellowship opportunity came as no surprise to the crew at Women’s Studio Workshop since Heidi was in our studios in 2010 working on her artist’s book Orbital Debris Simulator.

Heidi Neilson 3d printing pages for her book Orbital Debris Simulator

The book describes the phenomena of “space junk” in the earth’s orbit. Her imagery uses popular culture references from various science fiction universes to help us envision the proliferation of debris.




Heidi mastered many of the challenges inherent in the 3D screen-printing process during her residency at WSW. We invited her back so she can share this technique with other printmakers. Background credentials in printmaking and dimensional travel are unnecessary. Students with various levels of experience will find this class useful to instill screenprinting techniques, photo processes, and preparing images in Photoshop for silkscreen printing.


Technically known as anaglyph images, 3D images are created by the off-register printing of a single image using two specific colors, a red and blue/green. Students who can master this off-register technique will be well equipped to zoom bravely into printmaking infinity and beyond, regardless of the dimension it’s in.

Ready for takeoff? Learn more about this class and register here:
3D Screenprinting

Women’s Studio Workshop Summer Art Institute 2013: 22 intensive art workshops designed to kickstart your creative engines nestled in the quaint hamlet of Binnewater in New York’s lush Hudson Valley.

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