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Sonja Hinrichsen: Living Off the Land

sonja hinrichsen foraging garlic mustard for potluck

Artist in Residence Sonja Hinrichsen has been hard at work in preparation for her show this coming weekend. During her residency at Women’s Studio Workshop she is continuing to expand upon her “living off the land” ideology. Having grown up surrounded by and interacting with nature, Sonja has developed a profound love for what our earth has to offer. In response to her concern that this consciousness has become lost in modern times, she is shedding some light on how generous the earth really is. As an artist she feels the responsibility to direct attention to subject matters our society neglects or denies, which includes adverse impacts to the natural environment.

sonja hinrichsen ceramics residency

While researching the local edible plants in the Hudson Valley, Sonja stumbled upon Alliaria petiolata, commonly known as garlic mustard, which is labeled as an invasive species in North America. The Hudson River Valley is a utopia of wild foods that can be hunted and gathered, many of them stemming from early settlers who introduced the now invasive species.Harvesting this plant will not only foster healthy ecosystems, but it will also provide sustenance as the nutritional value of most wild-growing vegetables far outweighs that of cultivated greens.

During her stay at the workshop Sonja has investigated the culinary potential of garlic mustard, finding it palatable and very versatile in its use. She served up her preparations at the daily pot luck lunch in many recipes of her own design. The garlic mustard was incorporated into salads, soups, stir-fries, stuffings, pies, pestos and spreads.

sewing cushions for sonja hinrichsen's performance

This Saturday, June 15th at 6 pm Sonja will be presenting her work at the Cottekill CHRCH Project Space in the form of an eating performance and video presentation. The exhibition will include an impressive array of mediums from film to ceramics. Forager-Chefs will also share their garlic mustard cuisines in handmade serving ware while sitting on handcrafted cushions. All are welcome to attend so we hope to see you there!

sonja hinrichsen potluck performance bowls

“Living off the Land” by Sonja Hinrichsen
Cottekill CHRCH Space
167 Cottekill Road, Cottekill, NY 12149
June 15, 2013
“Invasive” foraged food performance and video presentation

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