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Marge Gormley: Layers of Color

Marge Gormley, a graduate student from Edinboro University, spent part of her Summer break in the Women’s Studio Workshop basement as a ceramic studio resident.  During her time here she threw large stoneware bowls to use as a canvas for her unique decorating process which incorporates multiple layers of color.

The first layers she paints with colored slips and underglazes using fine-tipped squeeze bottles, improvising every pattern and composition to make each bowl unique. She then covers the designs with glaze, allowing the pattern to disappear underneath in some areas and show through in others. Her work is inspired by many sources including architecture, fabric and paper cutting. She also draws reference from Islamic and Indian cultures which value ornamentation and pattern. With many sources of inspiration, Marge’s finished work is colorful, eye-catching and has a uniquely playful appearance!

Check out the transformation that occurs through each step of the decorating process!:
Squiggle Bowl Progressing

 The finished bowl.
Squiggle Bowl FinishedMore bowls in progress. Such interesting details!
Simple Circle Bowl Progressinglayers of slipGlazes slips and bottlesColorful Layers


Green Bowl Progressing Green Bowl Finished and Edited

Finished work.

:Finished Work
Finished Bowl2 Finished Bowl2 Detail Finished Bowl bowl2 Stacked Bowls Signed

Many of the bowls featured here will be for sale at the 2014 Chili Bowl Festival in February. Thank you Marge for your fabulous work!

This blog post was created in collaboration with Katherine Reath our wonderful Summer intern in the ceramics studio this Summer.


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