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Press Releases

Library of Congress Acquires WSW’s Entire Handmade Book Collection
2013/03/25  >> Library of Congress adds over 200 artists’ books created at WSW to its holdings

Mother’s Day Weekend Papermaking Workshop
2013/05/06  >> Wild Earth and Women’s Studio Workshop invite women and children
to take part in an afternoon of papermaking

WSW Receives Funding For Summer Class Scholarships
2013/04/24  >> With the help of a generous donation from Ulster Savings Bank, WSW will support artists with financial need this year.

Dyson Foundation Supports Women’s Studio Workshop in Professional Outreach
2013/03/20  >> The Dyson Foundation has awarded Women’s Studio Workshop grant funds of $5,500 to support their participation in two professional conferences this winter

WSW Presents: “Living Off The Land” At The C H R C H Project Space
2013/6/03  >> A performative potluck meal accompanied by videos of garlic mustard foraging and preparation by WSW artist-in-residence Sonja Hinrichsen

WSW Presents: Alice Miceli At The C H R C H Project Space
2013/3/11  >>video-projection exhibition and artist’s talk by Alice Miceli    >> Images

Hands-On-Art with Kingston City Schools
2013/3/11  >> 5th & 8th Graders come to work in WSW’s studios.    >> Images

2013/2/6  >> Exhibition at Roos Arts-
Our Backyard: Artists Consider the Environment. Deadline 4/1/13

16th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta
2013/2/23  >> Press release  >> Flickr Image Set

Bowls on Main Street Exhibition
2013/2/22  >> Press release    >> Flickr Image Set

5TH Annual WSW Gala Honoring Gillian Jagger & Patricia Gould-Peck
2012/11/4  >> Press release


>>Fall 2011 Giving Voice to Vision: Saluting artist Carolee Schneemann

>>Fall 2010 Giving Voice to Vision: WSW’s artists’ books at the Grolier Club

>>Spring 2009 Giving Voice to Vision: Kingston Elementary School Art-In-Education at WSW

>>Spring 2008 Giving Voice to Vision: First Annual Gala Celebrates artist Judy Pfaff

>>Winter 2007 Giving Voice to Vision: Maurice Hinchey visits WSW

>>Summer 2007 Giving Voice to Vision: WSW Launches digital Archive


  • The angel is my watermark

    Inspired by Henry Miller’s story The Angel is My Watermark and a 17th century poem the Song of Paper by Father Imberdis, the artist meditates on the emancipation of the watermark.

    Barbara Beisinghoff, 2009. Buy it now.