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New artists’ book from WSW

The Color-Word Value Index

by Anne Thompson
A reference volume and playful devotional object based on the author’s research into color theory informed by psychology, mysticism, and early modernism. The Color-Word Value Index has 44 word pairings; 10 colors; 5 suits; and values of positive, negative, and neutral. The book follows a relativist ideology that calls for reversals such as backward writing, mirroring, and the kind of doubling and flipping that is represented in the book’s structure and imagery. With references to decor and architectural spaces such as a library and cinema, the book functions as a mini-exhibition space and reflects Thompson’s interest in the early modernist Gesamtkunstwerk.
8 ¼” x 6 ½” : 16 pages. Edition 50, 2013.
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w3_800_jpg23The Moon Has No Weather

By Sarah Peters
This book features a short text by the artist drawn from scientific research on lunar geology to poetically explore the idea of the Moon as a book. Illustrations borrowed from engineering diagrams and printed on three different papers are folded into the signature to interrupt the prose and create layers of visual information. Each book includes a removable cotton casting or “moon card” nestled in the back cover. Silkscreen and letterpress printed, cast, handmade paper.
8” x 6” : 16 pages. Edition 50, 2013.




w4_adjusted_014Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong

by Alison Byrnes
This book features 10 images interpreting occasions when truth took a circuitous route. From Einstein’s Cosmological Constant, to Alchemy, to Geocentricism, and seven others, the screen prints are inspired by medieval illuminations and Mughal miniatures to encapsulate moments from the history of science using various narrative strategies. The book inverts the relationship between word and image, with written descriptions of each scientific theory accessible behind a gate-fold, enabling the images to take precedence. Silkscreen and digitally printed, bound in hard covers.
10″ x 7 ½” : 45 pages. Edition 60, 2013.


  • Treasure

    Treasure, a narrative poem about personal change, uses the images of Jiffy Pop popcorn (instructions in Japanese) as a metaphor for a turning point in a woman’s life and suggests an imminent need for change everywhere.

    Katie Baldwin, 2008. Buy it now.