Our Plan

WSW plan for New Buildings

Women’s Studio Workshop’s  40th Anniversary Capital Campaign will fund a three-phase expansion plan that will add 8,000 square feet to our creative community and allow WSW to:

  • Double the number of artists served annually through the Artist-in Residence Program.

  • Accommodate 65% more Summer Arts Institute participants in professional workshops.

  • Serve increased foot traffic that has accompanied the opening of a new section of the rail trail running directly in front of our building. WSW will be the only public facility on this 20-mile stretch of the trail.

The total cost of this three-phase Capital Campaign is $1.5 million. It is based on a master plan that was developed in 2010 with the professional services of LEED-certified architect Richard Miller of New Paltz.


Phase One (Completed): Purchase and Rehabilitation of a Historic Boarding House.  ($350,000)

We are tremendously grateful to the pioneering supporters of Phase One that include the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Windgate Charitable Foundation, The Cowles Charitable Trust and a wide range of individual donors.

What’s next?

2Phase Two: Integrating and Enhancing the Campus ($400,000)

This phase of the Campaign will enable us to integrate the boarding house with our headquarters in the historic Rosendale Company Store via a bridge, but also significantly upgrade our facilities. We plan to:

  • Build a climate-controlled archive and print study center to protect WSW’s irreplaceable collections.

  • Create a digital lab for artists’ use. (No dedicated space currently exists.)

  • Move all book production on-site. (Currently, artists must work with crucial large-scale book arts equipment in a nearby, privately owned and unheated barn.) A gallery will feature the work of artists-in-residence.

  • Create a community gathering/reception/dining space for artist’s presentations and related community events.

  • Build a commercial kitchen to provide meals for our artistic community. (Currently, we don’t have a kitchen that can fully meet the needs of the artists working on our campus.)

3Phase Three: New Construction ($750,000)

In this final phase of our campaign, we will construct a second bridge building and new two-story studio building on the 1.62-acre boarding house parcel. This new construction will expand our impact in the following ways:

  • Increase the size of the intaglio, screen print and papermaking studios through relocation.

  • Move the ceramics studio from the basement to main floor, and integrate it with a new three-dimensional multimedia studio space.

  • Consolidate the letterpress studio into one space and increase the capacity of the bookbinding studio.

  • Make the entire facility handicapped accessible.

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  • Swans, the ice she said

    Swans the Ice She Said was inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s voyage to the South Pole and the Chinese notion of the three perfections in art combining poetry, painting and calligraphy.

    Cynthia Winika, 2001. Buy it now.