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silkscreen workshop at WSW

Summer Art Institute students come from around the country to participate in two to five day intensive workshops.

Women’s Studio Workshop offers a variety of classes for artists at any level of experience. Our Summer Arts Institute offers a variety of classes focusing on new techniques in hand papermaking, printmaking, book arts and related media. Artists come from around the country to participate in three to five day intensive workshops. WSW also presents community ceramics courses  (typically eight-weeks long) and private instruction in any one of our studio areas.

Artists coming to WSW workshops from out-of-town will find themselves in the former hamlet of Binnewater, once a thriving cement mining community. Our main studio building was originally built as the company store. In all of our renovations, we have taken care to retain the historic charm of the building, while maximizing work areas and allowing for plenty of natural light and easy access to the surrounding beauty of the Catskill Mountains.

We encourage all people to participate in our programs. Don’t be fooled by our name — Women’s Studio Workshop welcomes men to come and study and experience a space run by women. While encouraging the voice and vision of women artists, we consciously seek to serve a diverse community. We do not discriminate on any basis in the administration of our educational programming or membership. Participants with special needs are encouraged to contact the Workshop in advance so we can insure adequate access to all studios and facilities.


  • Ce’

    Inspired by a Chinese legend that the gift of giving comes from studying the objects of nature, the images of Ce’ were created from collected found organic material and arranged into “sentences” to read as visual language.

    Irene Chan, 1998. Buy it now.