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Family Clay Days

Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop Women’s Studio Workshop’s Family Clay Day Workshops are a great way to introduce your child to the world of ceramics! Our two hour weekend workshops start off with a project theme that provides focus, yet leaves plenty of room for individual exploration. Workshops cost $25 per active participant (including materials and firing fees) and there is a maximum of 8 active participants per session.

There are two Sessions are available on each date, choose either our 10 am-noon morning session or the 1-3 pm afternoon session. Please call us at 845.658.9133 or email info(at)beta.wsworkshop.org to register.

Children under the age of 10 must  be accompanied by an adult.

Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop Of the EarthSaturday, April 6 We are off to a fresh start with this first family clay day of the year! Earthen vessels are an ideal container for your spring starter plants. Using paper templates as patterns, the planters will be constructed from slabs and painted with lively slips. Participants will be encouraged to create imaginative designs as homes for the plants they intend to grow. Come make a special Mother’s Day gift or a window pot for your Spring starter plants.
Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop Creative Clay Creatures (Animals)Saturday, June 1Let your imagination run wild in this workshop where participants learn to sculpt animals from clay. Attendees will learn some basic hand building techniques as they form and carve their animals from a solid piece of clay and paint their creations with colorful slip.
Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop Textured Tiles (Surfaces)Saturday, August 3Tiles are a great way to explore the depth and variety of ceramic surfaces. Participants will stamp, press, carve, print, paint, roll, draw and poke the clay. These expressions can accent your home in a variety of ways; adorning outdoor walkways or gardens, on the kitchen table as coasters or trivets for hot vessels, or as decorative wall hangings around your house.
Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop MasksSaturday, October 5With Halloween on its way, this mask making workshop will be a dramatic way to get in the mood. Participants will create a simple hump mold over which to drape paper clay slabs. The slabs will be pinched, carved and sculpted into fantastical alter egos. This light weight clay will be transformed into a mask that can be worn or hung on the wall.
Ceramics classes at Women's Studio Workshop Ornaments and Candle HoldersSaturday, December 7Celebrate your favorite holidays with handmade ornaments to liven up the house! Make a warm memory and create a unique gift with glowing ceramic candle holders. Ornaments and candle holders will be constructed out of slabs and shapes with patterns carved out. An expressive touch will be added with colorful slips. Join us for this family clay day filled with seasonal cheer!