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Summer Arts Institute
2012 Fiber Arts Classes
Block Print/Batik
Instructor BioDorothy Apkene Amenuke
In this class Dorothy will share her knowledge of textile block printing, based on the great traditions of Ghanaian textiles. Students will create regular repeat patterns or pictorial images using ‘blocks’ or ‘stamps’ cut from foam rubber. They will be stamped using paraffin on cotton or linen fabrics which will then be vat dyed and later de-waxed. During these processes, multiple techniques will be used to bring out variety in the design.Students will learn all processes involved with fabric dying, such as: cutting foam into repeat patterns, waxing and dewaxing fabric, dye mixing techniques, and creating background effects.  Students will beable to batik any cotton or linen fabric, from tee shirt patterns to murals on yardage.  All levels of experience are welcome.
July 16-20
Tuition $775 ($725 member) Lab Fee $45Class Limit 6

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batik block print textile workshop

Last summer I began to search for someone to teach a batik class. One of WSW’s favorite fiber artists, Mary Hark, said, ‘I know just who you want. Dorothy Amenuke has developed a wonderful technique using sponges, but she is in Ghana.’ I contacted Dorothy and she immediately agreed to come to Rosendale to teach. We are so excited to offer this very special workshop.”

Design (and MAKE!) Your Own Clothes
Instructor BioCal Patch
Tired of off the rack? Looking for something more outrageous? Are you a DIY fashionista? This class is for you.  Learn how to draw a pattern for the clothes YOU envision in your head. Using the techniques she developed for her book, Design-It-Yourself Clothes, Cal will teach you how to draft your own basic patterns for a shirt, skirt, and dress based on the measurements of your own body. Then you will learn how to take those patterns and stylize them into endless variations. For each of the three styles, you will make a muslin, fit and correct your pattern, and finally sew a finished garment. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new wardrobe! Students must be comfortable using a sewing machine. Intermediate and advanced sewers are also welcome and can take on more challenging projects. No previous patternmaking experience is necessary.
July 30 – August 3
Tuition $775 ($725 member) Lab Fee $30Class Limit 6

Please call or email us for information about this workshop.

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“Cal has been a maker since she was a Girl Scout in the seventies. She sews, crochets, spins, embroiders, knits, prints, makes patterns, and dyes… hence the name of her label: Hodge Podge. After offering  two weeks of fabric printing classes at SAI it seemed logical to ask Cal to share her special pattern making skills. Two of our region’s conceptual clothing designers, Mau and Kate Hamilton, will stop by to share some of their work.”

Silkscreen Techniques for Textiles and Paper
Instructor BioAnn Kalmbach
All the processes we use in silkscreen printing are applicable for both textile and fine art or poster printing, but each surface has its own printing requirements. Printing on fabric or paper can involve free form image making or controlled repeat patterns or tightly registered imagery. We’ll begin the workshop by learning how to stretch screens, and what meshes are appropriate for textile versus fine art printing The full range of stencil making techniques, from simple paper cut stencils to photo stencils, will be taught. We’ll learn how to create repeat patterns with our images, and print multiple colors in registration. Students will be able to print on any fabric from yardage to tee shirts and can experiment with various papers. Inks appropriate for each application and proper ink mixing methods will be covered.
August 15-19
Tuition $775 ($725 member) Lab Fee $40Class Limit 6

Please call or email us for information about this workshop.

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textile screenprinting workshop When your ink is gluey and lumpy, your image is blurry, or your paper or fabric sticks to the screen WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Screenprint Guru!


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