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Private Instruction

Best seat in the house: Letterpress printing on the Chandler & Price

A room with a view: Letterpress printing on the Chandler & Price
WSW offers private instruction in any of our studios for $50/hour plus the hourly rate of renting the studio ($14/hr non-member or $10/hr for members). Whether you are a beginner or an expert, one-on-one training with our technical/art staff will increase your level of skill and knowledge.Call (845) 658-9133 or email chris(at)beta.wsworkshop.org to schedule your private session with our studio manager Chris Petrone.

Groups of four to eight people are also welcome to visit WSW for a hands-on experience working in the studios. Staff with extensive teaching experience are available to advise and teach throughout the year. Each studio can comfortably accommodate eight people, for a total of 24 people at one time.

Please call for rates.


  • Crazy quilt

    Crazy quilt assembles the experiences of women who have been institutionalized for insanity in the last century.

    Maureen Cummins, 1998. Buy it now.