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Eastern Papermaking and Sculptural Techniques

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Aimee Lee is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in hanji (Korean handmade paper) and related arts. She wrote about her Fulbright research in Korea and the process of building a hanji studio in Cleveland at the Morgan Conservatory in her publication Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking (The Legacy Press). She exhibits, teaches, and travels as a resident artist around the U.S. and beyond and holds a BA from Oberlin College and MFA from Columbia College Chicago.

and more images from AimeeAimee is the go-to person on all things about Korean papermaking, and she ran a fabulous demo at the Watermarks Conference in Cleveland this past fall. I knew right then and there we were lucky to have her on the roster for this summer.

Eastern Papermaking and Sculptural Techniques

Aimee Lee
July 22-26, 2013

In this class, the bast (inner bark) of the paper mulberry tree (known also as kozo or dak) does most of the heavy lifting as students learn to process and form paper with traditional and hybrid eastern techniques. Pulp will be transformed into sheets and then transformed again as these sheets are made into sculptural forms. This bast fiber is renowned for its long, strong fibers, which will be pushed to the limit as they are sliced, spun, crumpled, woven, felted, and pasted in an evolution of the ancient arts of jiseung (paper weaving), joomchi (paper texturing and felting), and shifu (paper cloth). Students will also harvest and process plants that work well in eastern formation, such as milkweed, to experiment with mixed fibers. Traditional East Asian finishes of persimmon dye, konjac, and rice paste will be introduced and students will come away with the ability to make bark thread and lace, paper yarn, paper cord, paper tiles, and cloth-like paper. The week will allow time to practice jiseung, the most advanced technique of cording and weaving paper into freeform baskets.


Tuition $775/$720 members
Lab fee $50
Class limit 6

This class is full, but vacancies do occur. Please call us at 845.658.9133 to be put on the wait list.


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