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Experimental Letterpress: Image Making on the Proof Press

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Amelia Bird has an MFA in writing and a Certificate in Book Arts from the University of Iowa. She is a letterpress printer, writer, and book artist living and working in New Orleans, LA. She was a resident at Women’s Studio Workshop in fall, 2011. In the last year, her artists’ books have won exhibition awards from San Diego Book Arts, the College Book Art Association, and University of Florida’s Artbound.
www.ameliaroxanbird.comAmelia taught last summer for the first time, and the class was excellent. She came to WSW as an artist-in-residence, successfully printed and bound her book in the time allotted, worked with teenagers in our art-in-ed program and taught the intern staff some fabulous techniques along the way. She’s organized, knows her stuff and is a gifted teacher.

Experimental Letterpress: Image Making on the Proof Press

Amelia Bird
July 8–12, 2013


In this class we will work with non-traditional techniques for making letterpress printed images. Demonstrations and hands-on experiments will help participants become comfortable using a Vandercook proof press and learn new ways to create images. Students will create an image out of wood type, make a reduction linocut, experiment with Sandragraph (a collograph technique for letterpress), monoprinting, pressure printing, and mount almost any material type high on the Vandercook. We will also practice hand inking and mix colors with an eye for transparency and layering. At the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with a portfolio of sample prints from their classmates and dozens of print experiments from their time on the press.


Tuition $775/$720 members
Lab fee $30
Class limit 6

Please call us at 845.658.9133 if you are interested in this class.