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Lothar Osterburg started as a master printer at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. He has been running his own photogravure and etching workshop in New York City for the past 15 years, where he collaborates with renowned artists and photographers. He has been teaching workshops around the country and is currently visiting professor at Bard College and Cooper Union. Three times a MacDowell Colony Fellow, his work has been shown extensively around the USA, as well as Europe and

Lothar is the King of Photogravure, and while royal hierarchy is not the usual WSW style, in this case we make an exception. He’s extremely knowledgable, highly organized, fabulously energetic, and won’t rest until you get a perfect print.


Lothar Osterberg
Session I August 18-20, 2013
Session II August 21-23, 2013


The first day will be held at the Center for Photography in Woodstock where students will use their exceptional digital lab to make the film positives necessary to make gravure prints. The second and third days are at WSW where the plates will be exposed and printed. While photogravure is a continuous tone photographic etching process, it also can be used to translate drawings better than any other printmaking technique, beautifully keeping the range of values. Its photographic qualities and tonality range exceed those of a regular silver print by far. Photogravure has an almost three dimensional, sculptural quality. The blacks in particular have a richer, non-reflective, velvety surface. The tonalities are achieved by etching a copper plate gradually from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights. This way the photogravure is capable of producing a much wider tonal range than any other photographic or printmaking process. The finished plate is printed like an etching on a heavy rag paper. Students will leave this class with the tools to be able to keep working on photogravures on their own.


Tuition $500/$450 members
Lab fee $50
Class limit 7

These classes are full, but vacancies do occur. Please call us at 845.658.9133 to be put on the wait list.


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