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Surface Design – Creating a Focus: Repetition, Scale and Color

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Kerr Gabowski is a fiber artist and teacher known for her innovative approaches to dyeing and screening processes. Kerr’s background in drawing, printmaking and design is evident in her elegantly whimsical artwear. Kerr is a NJ Arts Fellowship and Mississippi Arts Council Minigrant recipient, and authored two DVDs Deconstructed Screen Printing, and Adventures in Surface Design. Her work has been published in Ornament, Fiber Arts, Surface Design Journal, Textiles Now, Fiber Arts Design Book Six and Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art. Kerr exhibits and teaches internationally.
www.kerrgrabowski.comKerr is a textile artist. I met her years ago at Peter’s Valley, where she was running the fibers area.
Partly because she has a lot of knowledge and partly because she knows the rules—when to break them and how to break them—I knew she’d be an excellent addition to the WSW lineup. I am thrilled she’s able to come share her skills with us.

Surface Design – Creating a Focus: Repetition, Scale and Color

Kerr Gabowski
August 5-9, 2013


Do your pieces present a visual tug of war, no particular entrance or direction? Gain visual focus as Kerr leads you in a series of exercises to develop your critical awareness of design. The first two days, create small collages based on repetition, scale or color. The following three days, work on a series of small fabric or paper pieces as you develop your ideas using various methods of dye application and mark-making using screenprinting (deconstructed, a technique Kerr developed using dyes dried in the screen mesh as a slowly disintegrating stencil as well as more traditional techniques) and direct dye painting, along with charcoal, pastels, graphite and other mark-making materials. The techniques shown are geared towards fabric but are appropriate for work on paper also.


Tuition $775/$720 members
Lab fee $50
Class limit 6

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