Wood Engraving

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Melissa Haviland received her MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her BFA from Illinois State University. Between undergraduate and graduate school she was an intern at the Women’s Studio Workshop. Currently, she teaches printmaking, drawing, and papermaking at Ohio University in Athens. Melissa has been an art educator for ten years, teaching at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Metropolitan Community College in Elkhorn, NE; Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL; and the Truro Center for the Arts, MA. Melissa’s artwork straddles the boundaries of printmaking and installation-performance. She explores lineage, ritual, and practice within objects that are gendered and classed.

www.melisshaviland.comMelissa is a perfectionist in the very best way. Not obsessive, but insistent that techniques be well understood and used in ways that make her work shine. As a Haviland, she has done some very interesting work with her namesake’s china, exploiting that fine china’s feminine and upper-class connotations.

Wood Engraving

Melissa Haviland
July 15-19, 2013


This summer spend an intensive week learning the basics of the relief print process of wood engraving. Relief printing is the oldest and most immediate form of making repeatable images. Wood engraving in particular allows an amazingly diverse range of marks on an intimate and highly portable surface. Using small wood blocks, we will focus on designing and cutting images. You will learn to use wood engraving tools, how to treat the blocks, specific properties of ink, the best papers to use, and how to print by hand and with the letterpress. After this class you will be equipped to create luscious prints in the comfort of your home. Each student will receive an exchange portfolio of prints at the close of the course.


Tuition $775/$720 members
Lab fee $50
Class limit 6

Please call us at 845.658.9133 if you are interested in this class.