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Thank you for registering


We’ve received your Paypal enrollment for the Women’s Studio Workshop Summer Art Institute!

Expect a personalized confirmation email from our official registrar as soon as she processes your enrollment. This forthcoming message will have all the details you’ll need to start planning for the class. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, feel free to contact us at info@beta.wsworkshop.org or by calling (845) 658-9133.

WSW is proud to have offered more than 1,000 classes to emerging and established artists since 1974, our workshop alumnae have taken their honed skills far and wide in the art world. We are so glad you have decided to spend your summer working with us in the WSW studios!

Ann Kalmbach
Executive Director

PS: While you’re waiting to hear from us, soak up some of the studio action on our blog, or on our social media. There is never a dull moment around here!


  • Alphabet tricks

    Alphabet Tricks reveals society’s contradiction between desire for and condemnation of feminine sexuality.

    Diane Jacobs, 2000. Buy it now.