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Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency in Germany

Barbara Beisinghof

Book Artist, papermaker & printmaker Barbara Beisinghoff assembling at WSW.


Work in a beautiful printmaking studio in Diemelstadt-Rhoden, Germany for up to four weeks. Two artists will be awarded this residency located at Atelierhaus Beisinghoff, less than an hour away from Kassel, Germany. Images, thoughts and words from different viewpoints come together when artists from different continents converge to use the facilities at Atelierhaus.

Accommodation is free of charge and provides a shared apartment with a shared bath, library, kitchen, living room, garden, and a sewing and ironing room. Travel costs, food, and materials are paid by the artist in residence. Artists prepare lunch together. Local press is invited for a presentation during the residency.


Atelierhaus Beisinghoff offers studio space and access to:

  • Letterpress studio with Korrex flatbed press, Garamond, Helvetica, Futura, some Bodoni Antiqua and Wallau typefaces.
  • Intaglio printing studio with Plankenhorn etching press for papersize up to 132 x 180 cm (52”x70”).

You will find information about the rural landscape in the blogs
You can also view more images from Atelierhaus Beisinghoff on our Flickr Site

Notification Date: Applicants will be notified via email by May 1

Length of Residency: 4 weeks
Residency Occurs: The following summer


  • The application form.
  • A one sentence summary of your project followed by a half page (12 point type or larger please) description of the project you propose to work on during your residency.
  • Resume
  • A CD with ten clearly marked images of recent work. An image script with descriptive text, which should include title, medium, dimension, and date. Check our FAQ sheet for digital specifications. WSW reserves the right not to review applications that are not formatted properly.
  • Applicants who do not want to receive decision information by EMAIL can include a Self Addressds Stamped Envelope (SASE). APPLICATION MATERIALS WILL NOT BE RETURNED UNLESS REQUESTED and adequate postage and packaging material is included with the application.

WSW, P.O. Box 489, Rosendale, NY 12472


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