WSW's Etching Studio

Rather than use traditional acids to etch plates, Women’s Studio Workshop uses non-toxic materials; ferric chloride for copper and salt etch for aluminum and zinc. We generally stock copper and plastic plates, along with a selection of fine print and handmade papers.

Etching Studio Equipment List

  • 1200 sq. ft. studio space
  • 2 Charles Brand press, 30″x 50″ and 26″x 48″
  • 18″x 22″ viscosity rollers
  • separate ventilated acid room with a 4’x 29” workspace with stainless sink
  • hot plate 20”x 24”
  • flexible shaft rotary tool
  • 18”x 24” vertical tank with Ferric Chloride
  • etching trays up to 25”x 30”
  • drying rack 30”x 46”
  • damp/dry box 28”x 42”
  • glass top inking table 26”x 8’
  • photopolymer platemaking capacity up to 23”x 29”