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Private Instruction

private instruction papermaking, printmaking, ceramics, letterpress

Aimee Lee and Ellen Alexander inspecting a handmade paper sheet.

WSW offers private instruction in any of our studios for $50/hour plus the hourly rate of renting the studio ($14/hr non-member or $10/hr for members). Whether you are a beginner or an expert, one-on-one training with our technical/art staff will increase your level of skill and knowledge. Call 845.658.9133 or email to schedule your private session with our studio manager Chris Petrone.

Groups of four to eight people are also welcome to visit WSW for a hands-on experience working in the studios. Staff with extensive teaching experience are available to advise and teach throughout the year. Each studio can comfortably accommodate eight people, for a total of 24 people at one time.

Please call 845.658.9133 for rates.


  • What day is it: an artist’s book

    A visual intervention with the poetry by Lillian Giraudon; this beautiful printed silkscreen book includes text, pop-ups, a Polaroid photograph and painterly reactions to Polaroid Poem I.

    Kate Van Houten, 1986. Buy it now.