silkscreen-ruth-sproulWomen’s Studio Workshop’s silkscreen studio features the ability to screenprint on paper or fabric using traditional or photo techniques. WSW uses only waterbased/acrylic media. We can also make screens for a project you are working on outside of WSW.

Silkscreen Studio Equipment List

  • 900 sq. ft. studio space
  • exposing table 33”x 45”
  • drying rack 45”x 68”
  • wide range of screens up to 3′x 4′
  • power washer
  • photo facilities for images up to 30″x 40″
  • 32 linear feet of textile printing surface
  • squeegees from 4″ to 34″


  • Iron

    Inspired by the artist’s installation of the same name, where an automated iron reveals text as it irons out a white dress shirt.

    Tatana Kellner, 2008. Buy it now.