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  1. Lindsay Stern on Piecing it All Together

    About a year ago, Lindsay Stern was shocked to discover she’d been awarded WSW’s Ora Schneider Residency for regional artists—initially because it would be her first residency, but also because she was 10 weeks pregnant. The symbiotic relationship between herself and her son Henry, now a flirtatious four month old, has come to quite literally govern her entire life and has left an indelible mark on her work and her practice. “I had an incredibly hard time preparing for this...

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  2. Required Reading: Fall In the Studio Wrap Up

    Since launching our In the Studio series this autumn, we’ve been delivering glimpses into our resident artists’ projects and processes. With winter approaching, here’s a fall In the Studio wrap-up in case you’ve missed anything: Cheryl Paswater, a New York City-based painter by training, discovered that chine colle was the secret to translating her bold, deep color into woodcuts that use a playful lexicon of pseudo-abstract forms. Photographer Liza Macrae explored the arduous photogravure process to print black and white...

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  3. Alison Byrnes, Einstein, & Scientific Theories Proven Wrong

    This is the second of two posts posts about our Art-in-Education book resident Alison Byrnes’s project Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong. If you missed our first post, catch up here. “Einstein was either right about being wrong, or wrong about being right, or partially right, or right at the wrong time,” writes Alison Byrnes in her artist’s book Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong.  “He called his Cosmological Constant the ‘greatest blunder’ of his life.” The...

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  4. Hands-On Art Wrap Up

    This post is a second in a two part series. Check out the first here!  The sounds of early nineties dance hits filled the silkscreen studio last week as students from Kingston High School created their own editions of screen prints. The young artists picked up the process fast, often printing two different sets of prints, and getting into a rhythm with their work music. Some even decided to head down to the etching studio for a change of pace....

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  5. The WSW Intern Exhibition: Don’t Look

    Don’t Look, an exhibition featuring work from current interns Anna Thompson, Caroline Walp, and Janelle Sandefur, will be on display in the WSW gallery throughout the months of November and December. Living just a short walk away, the interns are allowed full access to the WSW studios. A culmination of the work created throughout their six month internship is celebrated in an exhibition at the end of the term. The interns prepare the entirety of the show themselves – from...

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  6. Katrina Kiapos & the Photographer’s Hand

    Katrina Kiapos works caffeinated and alone in the dark for several hours each day. It’s a bit of a lonely and antisocial way of working, but for Katrina it’s the way things have to be. During her four-week Workspace Residency Katrina has set up shop in our darkroom formulating her own emulsion, liquefying it, and brushing it onto sheets of paper to make them photosensitive. And that means spending hours by herself in the dark, where even the glow of...

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  7. “Hands-on Art” with Kingston High School

    Our studios are bustling with the start of our Art-In-Education program, “Hands-on Art”! Twice a year, WSW collaborates with neighboring schools to invite students into the studio to work with practicing artists. We recently kicked off the fall session of Hands-on Art with a visit from Kingston High School’s “Chemistry & Art” class. During our Art-In-Education program, various groups from KHS will arrive and every student will spend a full day in each one of our studios throughout the next...

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  8. Lucy Turner: Destroying & Rebuilding on Scales Large & Small

    Lucy Turner: Destroying & Rebuilding on Scales Large & Small

    When Irish artist Lucy Turner applied for our Art-In-Education Workspace Residency, she knew she wanted to explore ways of translating prints into three-dimensional forms but she wasn’t sure where it was going to go. She arrived five weeks ago with a pattern book for creating folded paper structures and a tireless commitment to following her evolving ideas wherever they’re leading her. Then her walks with Zoe, one of our studio dogs, began. “Zoe-walking became a part of my daily routine,...

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  9. Illuminated Histories: Alison Byrnes In the Studio

    Illuminated Histories: Alison Byrnes In the Studio

    Over the next few weeks, we’re tracking our resident Alison Byrnes’s book project Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong. This is the first post in the series. It seems that Alison Byrnes has been screenprinting all day, every day. In just over three short weeks, she’s run off 100 of each of the ten prints that will make up her book Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong. Each print has at least ten colors, which means...

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  10. Across Time & Space: Sarah Peters in the Studio

    This is the second of two posts on Artist’s Book Resident Sarah Peters’s project The Moon Has No Weather. If you missed it, read the first post here. “Sometimes I think this is really doable and sometimes I think this book is never going to get done,” Artist’s Book Resident Sarah Peters said on October 3 amidst her final run on the Vandercook. She pulled a small portrait of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin inked subtly on Thai mulberry paper from the press...

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